Ingress resource app is committed to develop DeFi (crypto) & NFT products offering well defined projects development, marketing, security and launch plan with unique systematic listed services and synergy. A community driven app dedicated to out of the ordinary projects with best working solutions and safe investments

The community and investor base benefits from projects listing and available on the ingress app taking in priority early access to potential utility projects, projects information, market activities, research and developments work also communication with real project owners

Project developers (owners) can benefit from the ingress with unique opportunities and community network: Developments and market making, partnerships, experience and investments security


Community based
Build Tools
Projects listing and voting
Incubator (whitelisting)
Projects portfolio
Audit & KYC
Market calls
Trading charts
Projects audit
Presale and seed offerings
Ingress rarity NFTs

Ingress community token (IGR)

The community token will serve as governance for the application, holders will benefit from ingress projects, incentives and decision power

Zero tax community token with one million total and max supply, The limited supply is designed for increasing holders value growth and sustainability, 1% from every ingress incubator featured project is directed for IGR token buyback.


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